Need Suggestions: Trading in Pre-Open Markets

Do you do Pre-Open Market trading on Exchanges.

We are wanting to building few features around that for Dhan, please share your insights and suggestions on how this could be an awesome experience for you. Thank you.

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Sometimes tried in Zerodha. And, whenever tried order never got executed.

Kabhi kabhi lagta hai Pre-Open ek mini scam hai :joy:



Limited liquidity may be. We want to build this experience right :slight_smile:

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Pre-open is something risk don’t how the price is reacting, can we have new feature something like buy at a dip in equity and ETF, for example, if the stock price dip at 2% buy 10 or 100 quantity again if the price dip to another 2% again buy 10 or 100 quantity, if ETF dip at 5% buy 50 or 100 quantity. Because most us go to the office not able to track when we are in the office. This will help us to buy stock automatically for long term investment.

is this experience built?

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I used to do pre market trades when i started trading
… Lost a lot :joy_cat: