NEST Desktop Terminal

Hi @PravinJ, can you add the NEST trading terminal to your road map?

More about NEST in page 4:

Hi @Siddharth

While I may not be the right person with all information, we have heard that Omnesys platforms will cease to operate in few months. Hence, with that NEST will too.

Btw, we use a different Order Management System at our end, not Omnesys. Had it continued, even then providing NEST wouldn’t be easy for us - would result in managing two order management systems, which itself is a huge task.

No need desktop terminal as of now concentrate on making the platform best

Which Order Management system and Risk Management system Dhan is using? Is it ODIN or anything else? @PravinJ

I think Dhan uses Rupeeseed OMS. Infact Rupeeseed founder is Dhan CTO.

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Not sure which one they are using but it is quit fast compared to no 1 Broker. Also the same speed I had noticed in Paytm Money in past.