New Feature Announcement: Price Movements in Watchlist

We continue to work with our users and are constantly optimising your investing and trading experience to make it better by the day. We hope by the time Dhan is out of early access, we have all features built and optimised for your experience, the way you want them.

Watchlists are important ways for users to track markets and stocks they want to stay on top of. We’re focused on giving our users an efficient way to keep track of their favorite stocks with our watchlists which are intuitive and easy-to-use. We started with offering 5 watchlists that track 50 stocks each and expanded to 10 watchlists with 100 stocks in each, ensuring you now have over 1000 scrips to track. In addition, we also introduced the Invested Watchlist - every time you invest in a stock for the long term it’s added to a special watchlist where you can track them and when you sell stocks they’re automatically removed from this list.

Introducing - Price Movements in Watchlist

We continue to enhance the watchlist experience, and now are introducing historical performance data in watchlist - and also making this real-time. What does this mean? Now you can see the % performance change in the price of the stock from the time you added it. This lets you track the stocks perfectly to get better insights and help you make informed investing decisions. When markets are open, you see this information in real-time.

How to use this effectively? If you are investing from long-term you can see the price movements on the stocks in watchlist and also plan your weekly or monthly SIPs accordingly on Dhan, so simply make your investment decisions by yourself as well.

Do let us know your thoughts on this feature. Please keep sending us your requests and suggestions on We’re working hard to turn all your feature requests into reality. :innocent:

Growth team @ Dhan