Now Live: Weekly Expiry now available on Option Chain on Dhan

We have continued to enhance the trading experience for F&O traders on Dhan.

For mobile, we merged the Option Chain and Advanced Option Chain to build one unified Option Chain experience, and the later we provided a feature to add Options directly to the watchlist from the Option Chain.

There was a big miss that many users, specially option traders wanted and today we are glad to introduce this staying true to our customer centric focus - introducing Weekly option expiry on Dhan app & web.

Not only this, we have delivered more this time. We have come up with the facility to trade Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities (LEAPS), where you can trade all the active option contracts introduced by exchange. You can access them by selecting the ‘Monthly’ period and in expiry you will get contracts for upto next three years. As you all are aware, the only criteria to trade on Dhan as per our Risk Management Policy is that the option contract should satisfy the minimum 10 lots of OI.

Traders have constantly loved the Options Chain experience on our app, and We are putting in continuous effort to enhance the overall experience of our platforms and will be introducing small and significant additions overall improving the trading and investing experience for our users.

Want more for Options Trader, there are tons of surprises your way in the next few weeks. Dhan will provide you unmatched trading experience for Futures & Option traders.

PS: It’s Thursday today :slight_smile:

Stay tuned in for more updates from us.




Could you explain more on LEAPS? how do we search and add that in watchlist ?

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परंतु ह्याआधी अनेकदा मागणी केल्याप्रमाणे Fyers सारखी सोप्प्यापद्धतीने, पण tradingview हाताळता येणारी option chain कधी घेऊन येणार आहात?