Now Trade Directly from with Dhan 🎉

Introducing: Now Trade Directly from with Dhan :rocket:

Dear All,

We started Dhan with one clear focus - to bring best-in-class Trading & Investing experience for users in India through incredible product experience driven by technology and backed by awesome customer service.

Today we are excited & humbled to announce that for the first time in India, and extending our partnership with TradingView, we bring users the ability to trade directly from the Trading Panel on TradingView using your Dhan account. We are proud to share that Dhan is the first platform in India to bring this awesome and incredible capability for Super Traders in India.

TradingView is the most preferred charting & community platform in the world with around 30 million users actively using TradingView’s awesome features monthly. Indian traders will now be able to enjoy and utilize all the benefits of TradingView without any screen switching or hassle. Basically, everything you love about TradingView now directly integrated with the trading account of your favourite stock trading platform in India - Dhan.

Here are some of the amazing features which will upgrade your Trading Experience with Connect to the Trading Panel on TradingView with Dhan!

  • Pine Editor: Get seamless access to Pine Editor and execute your trades directly without any manual intervention

  • Get access to all the required Pine Script libraries

  • Access to > 1,00,000 Community Scripts

  • Bar Replay - Rewind markets and watch with user-defined speed

  • Use Multiple Indicators

  • Stock Screener

  • 1-Second Chart Timeframes

  • Add Price Alerts across all your positions seamlessly

  • Trade with 12 Charts Types Including Renko, Kagi, and Point & Figure

We will soon be opening this for Priority Access in the Beta phase. Best part, we will open this up soon for lots of users of Dhan, our Super Traders, our community members and more will be the first ones to get Priority Access to the Trading Panel on TradingView.

Sign up for the waitlist here!

How will the Waitlist work?

We will be providing Priority Access to a select few users only initially and will gradually increase the access to more Dhan users. We expect to roll this out to a large set of Super Traders of Dhan in the next 30-45 days starting from today.

In the first phase, we will provide access to users with whom we will work closely to take feedback from users and improve the experience before opening it up for more users. In addition, you also stand a chance to win some awesome Goodies from Dhan.

Here’s how can you get on top of the waitlist:

  1. Make sure you have a Trading Account with Dhan.
    Not a Dhan user yet? Open your trading account for FREE here.
  2. Share Dhan with your trader friends via Refer-A-Friend.
    The more friends join and sign up for early access, the better your chances of moving ahead and getting priority access to Dhan
  3. Follow us on Twitter on @DhanHQ and also on TradingView
  4. Provide your valuable feedback and suggestions to us on

PS: Is there a catch? Yes of course, traders and community members of Dhan get higher priority for access, but there will be surprises. We love to make sure users get surprises :slight_smile:

What else can I get? What are the Goodies you mentioned?

Well, while we provide access to Dhan’s users for TradingView’s Trading Panel, we also want to ensure that users also experience the full potential of TradingView capabilities.

So here are some goodies, You stand a chance to win:

  • 100 TradingView Premium subscriptions for 1 month
  • 200 TradingView Pro+ subscriptions for 1 month
  • 200 TradingView Pro subscriptions for 1 month
  • 10 Large 32” Widescreen Monitors for Trading

*T&C apply. Traders on Dhan have higher chances to win, but there will be surprises. We love to make sure users get surprises :slight_smile:

That’s great, but how do I get access to the TradingView Panel?

Here you go, first ensure that you are registered on the waitlist + do a few things above to ensure you are on the Priority Access list.

When your access to TradingView Trade Panel is approved by Dhan & TradingView, you will receive a message from us via WhatsApp on the number that you have registered for access. This message will have a unique link, and you can start trading directly on TradingView with your Dhan account.

As always more is coming from Dhan

Last year, we introduced, in an exclusive partnership with TradingView, enabling traders to trade directly on charts across Options, Futures, Cash, ETF, and Equity segments. We have a lot of things planned for you & are constantly working on providing exemplary product & customer experience.

We are also going to be actively involved in the TradingView community, sharing educational content on markets, trading strategies & trading ideas. We hope to find you there sharing your ideas on markets and more.

Share your feedback & requests for TradingView

We are excited for you to connect Dhan to TradingView and hear your feedback and suggestions. You can share your thoughts here on community, or social media channels or write to us on - specially share your feedback & suggestions about TradingView integrations of Dhan with us.

Thank you from all of us,
-Priyanka Kulkarni
Strategy & Partnerships @Dhan


@prikulkarni @PravinJ


Game Changer…!!! One of best to see now.


It’s awesome…!!
Thanks @PravinJ

One and last query only…
Will this integration support option trading via tv charts ?? Coz tv doesn’t provide option data ??


Awesome , always used to connect with Paper trading under Trading Panel in TV.

Now we have DHAN !

Great going :yellow_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just waaaww… :smiley:
Sach me imagine bhi nahi kiya tha aisa kuch hone wala hai…
Sach me khush hu ki aisa platform(Dhan) choose kiya hu jo ummmid se better chije provide kar rahi hai trader’s ko… :heart_eyes::heart:


Dear Team,

Options Trading and Making new watchlist is posiible in Tradingview??

Jabardast game changer
Thanks @Dhan team @PravinJ sir


Are you able to trade in options ??

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Ground breaking yet again from Dhan.

@prikulkarni which instruments are available for trading directly from tradingview. Please let us know.

I tried with Nifty index futures, commodity futures but these are not enabled. Is it enabled only for stocks ?


Hi @Gangavarapu,

TradingView does not allows trading in the Options segment due to which your position is not reflecting.

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Hi @t7support,

This is the first level integration with TradingView. Currently, only Futures and Equities on NSE are available on TradingView.


Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde,

TradingView does not provide data nor allows trading in the Options segment. Hence, this is not possible directly.

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Is it Possible to make new and multiple watchlist in Tradingview??

How you are going to show margin in TV?


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my first trade using tradingview directly…WOW


Hi @Techanalysis

You shall be able to create your own new watchlist. Moreover, Tradingview does not allows trading in the Options segment.