Order execution needs improvement

Order don’t executed quickly there is like little buffer which is enough for .50 to 1 rs move in option trading

Hi @omkar,

We do have Instant order (thunder-bolt button) for order placement which sends your order to Exchange instantly. Further, in case of any difficulty drop us an email at help@dhan.co mentioning the order details so we can have this checked.

@Poornima Hi I used tradingview to enter and exit is it because of that

Hi @omkar,

This could also be due to volatility in the specific scrip and market depth. Order matching happens based on time-price priority by Exchange.

Let us know the convenient time and we will connect on google meet to address this. Looking forward to the session.

I don’t know what is problem but with others brokers it used to be very quick didn’t tried in app or web platform though will try there as well currently I am trading only using tradingview terminal

If any one use app or website to place orders please share your experience