Personal Finance Journey of Kalpen Parekh, MD & CEO - DSP Mutual Funds

Kalpen Parekh, CEO of DSP Mutual Funds, sheds light on the unique features of the Indian mutual fund landscape.

He talks about how investing in India is simple and affordable, giving investors good access and avoiding extra charges also stressing the value of learning about long-term investing early on.

Unlike other parts of the world, India offers high liquidity without high entry or exit loads, ensuring that investors retain maximum returns.

He also shared insights into the distinctive advantages of investing in Indian mutual funds from his perspective.

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Which AMC leader would be interested to have on board in our community? Do let us know and will try our best for them to be part of our community.

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Neelesh Surana of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

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Nilesh shah from Kotak

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Awesome, noted your suggestion.

We recently hosted him in our office.

You can check out the podcast here :point_down:

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