Please Add these features, Otherwise This broker is useless for me and my community members

Please Add these features.

  1. In tradingview provide gtt order at drop down menu of time in force.
  2. Money should not be blocked in pending order.

Please add these two features. No broker is providing such features except Sharekhan. But Sharekhan brokrage is too high. If you add these features then more number of user join this platform. Otherwise this app is useless for my strategy. I have a trading community with more than 15000 members. All are using sharekhan because it is only broker, providing such facility.

Hi @ksumitkumar

  1. Your request is noted. We will work to bring Forever order in as well. Though we already have this facility in & Dhan mobile app.

  2. Our Risk Management and Compliance doesn’t allow us to do this. We have to block money for a pending order. Once the order has been honored by the broker and sent to exchange, we have to keep the required money at our end to fulfill the exchange obligation.

Yes you have forever order facility but in forever order we can’t place bracket order. We need bracket order, forever order and no money blockage in pending order all these facilities in a single order.

If you block money then this broker is useless for our community members.

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Hi @ksumitkumar We are working on to improve the Forever order. We will notify you once we are ready with updated Forever Order.