[ Pledged Margin] : Pledged margin benefit is available to MCX F&O too?

Have a doubt , a few shares have been pledged.

Does this help to cover MCX F&O shortfall too ?

Yes @pavz, it will cover MCX F&O shortfall as well.

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Hi @Pranita

Wondering if there is any option to Unpledge

In my case : I am having some pledged GOI , was thinking to unpledge much before.

Can this be done or it like it will automatically unpledge when I sell it .

Hey @pavz ,

It will be automatically unpledged when you sell it & you can also unpledge it if you wish to by going to the “Pledged” section.

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@Pranita Why does LIQUIDCASE show as not eligible to pledge? I bought 5k units yesterday for cash margin but not able to pledge.

Hey @aaridrakamanu .

The units will start to reflect from tomorrow for pledging (T+2 days) provided you do not have any outstanding debits in your account.

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