Portfolio isn't potfolio-ing :)

Hi @Dhan,

Logged in after very long time to look at my portfolio and clicked on download as CSV option and realised that I need to download portfolio 3 times and merge 3 CSVs into 1 to actually have a look at full portfolio.
I, then, need to do additional operation to see asset allocation across portfolio.
Can you pls not make it simpler? it used to give full portfolio in 1 go, not sure why it was changed.

Hi @erankitjain,

As discussed, you can retrieve the CSV files separately for stocks and ETFs as of now. We’ve noted your suggestion and shared with our team.

@Dhan, @Renvick_Austin,

Found a proper workaround for this. Pls don’t take away this useful feature from Option Trader as well.

For some reason it has an option to view entire portfolio in 1 go both stocks and ETF together even when this is not available/removed from Dhan app. I was able to download entire portfolio in 1 go too from here.

On Dhan web

On option trader app, notice that β€œAll” tab