Positioning of Web login QR Code scanner

Hi Team Dhan, Could you please bring the login to web qr code scan option to some more convenient location? May be right next to the notification bell icon.

It’s just one tap away. Few users web on Dhan, 80% are mobile only users.

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I second @sreeraj on this.

I currently use a iPhone SE (small 4.7" screen) and access to “Login to Desktop via web QR” is three clicks away.

  1. Click on my user name
  2. Scroll up the list
  3. Click on “Login to Desktop via web QR”

Making the changes are requested will reduce the number of clicks.

Having said that, I can always use the option to use mobile number and sms which are also many clicks away.

Hence, I request you to reconsider this change as @Sreeraj has asked for.

80% of our users are mobile only, also place next to notification bell icon is reserved for some other interesting features that are planned for.

We are exploring ways to make it more efficient on web side of things. We will keep updating if we make any changes. Right now, web is moving to unified login across all platforms, expecting it be announced in a few days.

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Sir, It would be good, if you can add QR scanner to the main home screen for Just one tap (may be on the Top as suggested. It will make the login experience more fast with QR as opossed to traditional method with OTP and Password.

Hi @nx.vijay,

Thanks for your feedback. We will surely consider your suggestions to enhance this feature.