Pre defined Nifty watchlist and easy way to add multiple stocks at once

hey, it really is a headache to create a watchlist and add 100 stocks one by one can there be a feature where we can add multiple stocks at one and A predefined Watchlist eg:Nifty 100,Nifty small cap all stocks


Hi Karma & Yesh,
Good Morning!

I have noted your feedback, and think this is an important one. Will add this to our product roadmap and keep you posted when we ship this.

migh i suggest a small feature that tradingview has under tools is fixed range which is alot helpful tool but none other platforms provide and a colour based watchlist is also a great feautre of tradingview these small features and tools make a good impact like being able to change indicators time frame in a different time frame a suggestion would be let tradingview provide it all of it tools and features for dhan users which would give a big edge from the competitors

Hi @karma

Thanks for the feedback we have added it to our list.
Thanks for using Dhan :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, @Yash0301

We have added this to our list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kiran,

Has this feature been developed yet for Trading View ?

Rajesh Singh

now its Nov 2023 still you have not resolved this…can you pls tell me any other option to add multiple stock in watchlist at a time