Price Alert (some extra feature)

Dhan is the best platform & the reason for this is the most responsive customer service. I wish to give some feedback on price alerts feature.

  1. You have given us more than we expected, one last request from us is, kindly give unlimited number (if not at least 1000) of price alerts that can be set.

  2. Under price alerts section the SEARCH option is missing.( at least arrange the price alerts alphabetically by scrip name) or include search bar. Which helps us retrieve the alerts under it.

Hi @Vaibhav Thanks for the kind words. Good to see you on the community after a while.

Unlimited alerts, or even 1000 are not possible; there are many infrastructure problems that come up if we go that way; We were in-fact considering reducing the free alerts from 250 to 100 or 99 in line with what most of the industry offers.

Alerts section on Dhan is due for an update, its been a while and we have few thoughts to make these better from what it is now. We will post a detailed note on this when we pick things up.

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@PravinJ Consider putting in paid alerts feature also, including SMS or WhatsApp delivery. Of course, for a charge.

Hi @thisisbanerjee Experiences we cannot control completely, we do not want to offer even if it comes with additional revenue.

More that this, there is an additional risk - when we start sending Stock related information from our SMS ports, even if it is with user consent, these will messages run the risk of being blacklisted / marked spam - and thereby affecting delivery of our usual messages. Also given the scams that run, many would spoof them. Bit risk for the overall business.

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