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Stay updated about new feature launches. Also, some of our community members will get to be a part of beta launches.


can i access usdinr currency data from tradingview? like usdinr fut ?

Hi @purubk

At present TradingView, itself does not have any live data stream on any INR pairs from NSE/BSE unfortunately. You can have it now from or I am looking for the same tradeable INR pairs streams from NSE/BSE. If you have any updates on such. Please post here.

Thank you.

Hi…how can I get access to beta on iOS? Thank you

Before launching any new feature, please add a button for β€œadd to Basket” on every strike of the Option Chain and Straddle Chain, so that we can add strikes directly from the option chain /straddle chain. Otherwise, it is becoming a very cumbersome process to add a strike by either searching it manually in the basket or going through the strategy builder route.

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Hi…can you get Oi Pulse platform tie up with Dhan and may be provide free for your users


Please introduce option chain view directly from chart so that we don’t have to go back to view option chain in app.
Thanks in advance.

New product is coming in dhan app soon in pune meetup they ware discuessing about the product we will get it in next 40 days they confirmed