Profit and Loss Statement - Feedback

Hi, Dhan Team,

There are immense improvement in trading experience with Dhan Options Trader but there is one issue I have that is related to the Profit and Loss Statement. I Find quite confusing with the P&L Statements are being emailed, There is no clarity. Requesting you to kindly come up P&L Statements that are easy to check and monitor our growth.

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@PixartsTrade The current P&L statement which is live has all the required information regarding trades. However, I assume you are seeking something like Account Value Curve (which marks your P&L on day to day basis). Will surely explore on getting this added.

Meanwhile request you to also check out the latest built on the Ledger statement. It now comes up with a Cashflow statement, enabling you to analyze the money in and out of Dhan.

Yes, Thats exactly what I need, Please do explore on account value curve.