Provide custom watchlist

pls provide customised list of index with its constituents pls provide customised watclist of all futures stocks becauuse i tried and created watchlist but it allowes only 100 stocks only manually in watchlist which is also not coming in alphabetical order when i try to arrange it by clicking in symbol i have asked this several times from u but no response pls arrange it asap

Hi @7389761324,

We have noted your feedback for custom watchlist. In the meantime you can check out this feature available in and


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thanks miss it was der i was not knowing it

I could locate the page on but I could not locate the page shown in the screenshot of Would you please guide me how and where to locate it?

Also I have a few suggestions for the features in market screener and custom watchlists.
Market Screener:
How do we get a list of all the futures available on NSE or BSE
Or the stocks which have FNOs on NSE and BSE in our Custom watchlists which should be available on Web platform?
As all the stocks from NSE or BSE do not have futures or options. So suppose if I want to have a list of all the stocks from NSE which have futures contracts or options contracts in my watchlist, how do I get it from Dhan web platform?
Is it possible to have a filter to segregate and get a full list of all the stocks futures contracts or index futures contracts Front, Near and Next month available on NSE or BSE in our watchlists?
Although some lists are available on but I could not figure out how can I add it to my custom watchlist.

Custom Watchlist:
There should be an easy way like multiselect the symbols with keyboard shortcut, copy and paste the entire long list of stocks or futures or any other assets from the screener into the watchlist to prepare our custom watch lists. Adding each scrips from the search bar into the watchlist manually is very time consuming, tedious and tiring.
Also there should be ability to create group headers available inside the watchlists if we want to segregate a group of stocks or assets sector wise like Auto, Banking, Pharma etc. inside a single long watchlist.
IF we have a watchlist of futures it should auto roll over to the next contracts automatically for NSE or MCX so that with each expiring month we do not need to keep adding scripts every month when the contracts expire.

Hi @trader7626,

You can simply search any Index and open the Index / Company page, you will find an option “In Depth”

BSE BANKEX 51076.13 (-656.55) (-1.27 ) - Google Chrome 2024-02-12 15-04-38

You can find all FNO listed stocks in “Undelrying FNO Stock” option. Also, we have noted and shared your suggestion regarding Custom watchlists, Subsection in watchlist, and Auto change in expiry. We will surely check the possibilities for implementing this feature to improve our users experience.