Putting stop loss in the tradingview chart directlythrough the + tab

option is available to buy /sell a contract while trading in trading view chart by clicking th plus sign.
but to the stoploss through the + sign ,facility is not available.

one has to adhere to other methods to put the stoploss.
this consumes precious time & many times the trader has to incur heavy losses .
so like buy & sell through + sign available,stoploss should enabled from the same.
this would be a great feature.


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Hi @9437043889 welcome to Dhan community!

We have your feedback and will evaluate the possibilities of maintaining a difference in trigger and limit prices to improve your trading experience.

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not done so far yet.
very recently I contacted Dhan customer care.
As per them Exchange has removed this facility.
I DID NOT UNDERSTAND as they were also telling it can be done from buy & sell button.
So pl clarify.

Hi @9437043889,

We would like to inform you that the requested feedback regarding the difference between trigger and limit price has been updated. You can place stoploss limit order from charts now.

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