Query regarding MF

As I can see, One can only schedule a SIP monthly. There is no option to start a weekly SIP.

So, Can I register for 4 SIPs in the same fund with different dates? So that I can have SIP contribution 4times a month?

Hi @LovishGupta,

Weekly SIPs are on our roadmap and we should be rolling it out soon in coming months.

Separately, yes you can register 4 SIPs in the same fund on different dates, this would work seemlessly as long as there are no restrictions by the AMC in terms of amount per month etc. If you face any issue with respect to any particular scheme/AMC, do write to us on help@dhan.co.


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@LovishGupta we now have weekly SIPs - Introducing: Weekly SIPs for Mutual Funds on Dhan - #2


The real joy would be when you will announce that MF pledge is live.