Recommendation and Tips for Option Trading

I start use Dhan Option trader app.

I have Request, Please Provide Recommendation / Tips for buy or sell with Dhan Option trading app.

There is lots of SEBI registered firm available,
If I personally subscribe any one,there charges not affordable.Recommendation through the app is better than other sources. Like - Execute order Direct from the recommendation message.

If Dhan can do it with your Option trading app
It will helpful, Even with its paid service.

Like - Dhan can collect amount from Client those required Recommendation and you can pay any firm for their services.
(My old broker provide tips but it will be stop loss 4 out off 5) If like this tips not useful.

Weekly expiry Option trading requires some help for entries and exits for reduce the losses.

Thanks for the suggestion @Sreerajpv

Options Trading is super risky, and should be done only by those who know it. It’s also one of the reasons we choose to build Options Trader as a separate app altogether. We want to ensure Dhan provides super simple and seamless experience to our users.

Here are some platforms who have integrated with Dhan: Partners Building on Top of Superfast DhanHQ API

We never encourage our users to act on tips for buying or selling, specially while trading in options.