(Resolved) TRADINGVIEW AND TV.DHAN.CO Showing Difference

Dear Sir I use Ichimoku Cloud as a Technical Analysis yesterday i found one weird issue in AARTI Industries Stock The Current and Closing price on the WEEKLY Charts is Showing above the Ichimoku Cloud in the TRADINGVIEW Platform However the Daily Prices of the same stock on a WEEKLY Charts is showing inside the Cloud on TV.DHAN.CO Platform . I fail to Understand Why and How. Traders using ICHIMOKU CLOUD and people with KNOWLEDGE of ICHIMOKU CLOUD will Swear by the Problem this is a big using in taking a Decision whether to Buy or go Short on the Stock , Could you check why is this problem and ERROR And what is the Issue . ON this Platform i am Unable to send you picks else i would have Added Picks for perusal . REQUEST a Quick Resolution and let me know where is the issue since it difficult for any traders who extensively use ICHIMOKU CLOUD and the Main Tool for Analysis
Thanks and Regards

Hi @Divyeshthakkar

Thanks for highlighting this, we have identified the root cause, and it will be updated within 1-2 weeks.

Hi @Divyeshthakkar

This is already fixed please check and confirm.

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