(Responded) Feedback on order execution in Dhan platform, not in TV

if I placed orders from the basket or individual orders through Dhan, it will take 5 sec to send and execute the order. I don’t think it’s a real-time order placement, kindly check once.

and also there is no option to modify the order type once we placed the SL order, previously I was informed about this, but there is no updation.

it is possible, kindly check with other platforms.

Your Tag line: Lightning & Fast.

plese stay with this,

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Yes, 5 points slippage is too much loss.

Hi @Jp007

TV uses the same APIs for transactions that we use for Dhan. In case you are referring to delay for sending orders that is shown to cancel order or modify it before sending, you can double-tap on the fast forward button (>>) and send order instantly to exchange.

If the product design is causing a confusion and giving a feeling of delay, we will update this.

Yes, if possible please remove the confirmation dialog while placing the orders. Or you can provide one option to the user “Enable/Disable order confirmation” in settings.

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@PravinJ There is a lag of 3-5 seconds before order is actual placed by web.dhan on the exchange. Today, being expiry day, prices of options fluctuate very fast within seconds, this lag often cause a lost opportunity and sometimes a profitable trade results in loss as well

Yes, in expiry most of the option buyers do scalp trading, when order is placed the order is executed for out the price and when we try to sell it sell at very low price, if it is small quantity some how can mange for price slippage, but worried about big quantity and in the index we can’t go with limit price or price modification always want to take at best price move out of the trade. Please take this as a priority and fix the issue ASAP or else it difficult for us to trade in DHAN. I hope you’re not going to break our trust on dhan and another thing was observed Today i have taken a trade from my laptop same time i have opened my mobile to track the profit after some time i have a closed my trade from my laptop but it doesn’t update in the mobile did the manually refresh to update the page. This is a scary moment for me today I have closed the trade, but still trade is running in the mobile and showing big loss.

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Hey @Hemanthcj, we have given our users an option to place a fast order on Dhan app just with a double tap, which places the order instantly. Here’s a demo video on it.

@shraddha Thank you for the update, but need some improvement in this tab,

  1. Allow same option in this window also because it is very import for us.

  2. Give the option to move the window where every we want on the screen.

  3. We don’t have this option in dhan tradingview, this is the biggest challenge to place order from DTV.

  4. When we tap the fast execution tab not understanding it is accepting our request or not, so give some kind of notification to the user they can understand it is accepting my request. Something like when we press the numbers in the mobile.

  5. Remove the slow execution order as primary and make this as secondary give us fast execution order as primary.

@PravinJ @Naman
At the end it is your product, but we are expecting some changes.
compared with other brokers you guys are providing lots of options for traders and investors. I can understand every day technology keep changing no product is coming with 100% perfect always some glitches are there based on user feedback they are fixing the issue, Even Microsoft also follows the same strategy in azure cloud. But the order execution was causing lots of issues in Dhan platform. Yesterday I was in profit due to this slow order, process it went to loss, I don’t want to loss hard earn money from the market.
Again, please consider this as an important most of the users are facing this issue and I believe 5 points can be done ASAP compared with all other points.

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This is valid @Hemanthcj, we’ll try to make the experience seamless for you. Do keep sharing your feedback, it helps us improve Dhan. :innocent:

Yes i am also facing the same issue kindly remove confirmation window

Hi @Dipali_Bhujbal Welcome to MadeForTrade community.

Well, this is an very old post and most of these features have been updated. Even when it comes to speed of execution - we recently posted a detailed note on this. You can find it here: Dhan: Understanding Order Execution Performance, Speeds and Response Times on DEXT

For your note on removing confirmation window on tv.dhan.co, you will find an options in setting to simply show you a note on rejection only, with that only rejected orders (for any reason will be notified to you) and rest all will continue to operate seamlessly. Hope this helps.

Is it possible to bring back the day’s highest and lowest position P&L bar atleast on the mobile app? It was a nifty and a very practical feature. @PravinJ Kindly relook at it once again.

Hi @thisisbanerjee this was one of my personal favourite features.

With more and more users coming on Dhan, the compute required for this to capture the data and keep it updated became very costly and we saw that at times it caused a bit lag to open positions tab - which is very very critical for users. That is why we had to drop it… I think now its been over a year.

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Good morning @PravinJ Yes, its been over a year, and I still have a hang of it because it really contributed to my profitability. Most people have already forgotten or didn’t even notice that the P&L bar is missing over a year now. :smile:

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It was one of my favourite features in Dhan :smiling_face_with_tear: