(Responded) Multi-select positions exit query

Multi select exit does not work as it is supposed to be. Whenever I am in a rush to exit all my positions in single click, it does not happen coz it is trying to exit the hedge leg first so order fails and exits the sell leg. Then hedge leg makes more loss and I lose profits everyday.

Everyday I would lose around 1-2k so I was swallowing it with pain but today was annoying seriously. Lost 10k profit due to this issue today.

This has to be immediately sorted out for derivatives.


Hi @VSDTheTrendSailor I checked logs for your trades today with CS team - orders that were rejected where due to margin shortfall, except one that I am assuming are highlighting in the screenshot which was placed at 03:02:09 as it was against a hedged position.

Also noticed that the same order was immediately executed 5 seconds later, 03:02:14 which was another sell order done. In case of hedge position, where you have received an margin benefit it is important to sell the 2nd order first. Noticed that both orders were place instantly without hardly any lag, just that the hedge position wasn’t exited before in this case.

This happens rarely, but yes it does in such situation. We had also discussed this internally and also with our compliance teams, if we can sequence orders in a particular order - however we could not go ahead with that as it gets termed as a broker is doing trades on your behalf and ends up possibly being an algo.

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First of all, you guys are doing great job :+1: :clap:

I strongly disagree with this being a rare occurrence as this has happened with me every time I had a sell leg but buy leg exit order placed first priority and due to margin fall order gets rejected, whenever I tried exiting through EXIT ALL POSITIONS/MULTI-SELECT EXIT. Not once it has executed properly.

If it is a plain buy leg with multiple positions then no issues but whenever there is a sell leg involved then this issue happens.

It executed immediately coz I did it manually seeing the order rejection notification.

Yes there was no lag in order placement but issue is hedge leg getting placed first.

My suggestion : If there is a sell leg in open positions then it should always stay on top of OPEN POSITIONS for first priority so that during EXIT ALL POSITIONS orders wont get rejected.