Return calculator

Line chart is very useful for taking overall overview of any stock, in above scenario I want you to add a feature somewhere, where we can see return of stock in rupees & percentage like “100 (3.5%)” for every timeframe like 1d, 1w, 1M, 1Y, etc

I like the feature where we can see when we added stock in watchlist & how much return it had given since that days, good feature… with that feature same as mentioned above I want you to add calculated return for different timeframe when we click selected timeframe, it will be helpful to know how much return stock had given for selected timeframe. I think non of the broker has this feature.

Want this feature for web version also.

Thank you

Hi @dhananjay_d

This is available on the App as well as Web. You will have to scroll down on the Markets tab for any stock. Shown here below for your reference:

In Web, the same is available under Fundamentals section.