RMS:52240322637150:User in square off mode immediate action required

I am facing this issue my option buying is normal and today (22.03.2024 from 9.15 am to 3.30 pm)) morning this is the issue order (bank nifty option buying) is failed several(12) times till yesterday it was trading was good. whole day no trading and no charges no profit no loss only watching the market cant reach customer support team over the phone nor message no support great
how do resolve the issue I Normal order and tried with the limited price too i sent mail to help @Dhan no response or action taken I really feel the scarry and biased systems and support I am getting pupil I believe and expect they will be in touch after 48 hours and asking for the screen recording in spite of my screen shot and data readily available for the glitches that prolonged whole day
WHAT IS THIS USER IN SQUARE OFF MODE which I didn’t opted nor how to resolve the issue at minimum time.

Hi @9980753567 Sai

User in square off mode means that your KYC is not updated or verified in KRAs, and as a result of that exchanges will disable your trading account (across all brokers) by end of the month. Request you to please update the same asap.

You can verify the status of your KYC here: CVL | KRA Verification

I have updated on 18th Mar from the link provided by dhan , still it is not updated. Not sure how much time is required.