Search needs optimization

Your search is really not up to mark. It wastes a lot of time while selecting the strike price. Here is an example.
I am selecting 74600 sensex expiry and see what i am seeing.
1)Gold sep month expiry
2) sensex next week expiry not the current one!!

Please fix this current expiry strike price should come on top.
Here 3 May should appear before 10 May expiry

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Hi @amitranj Feedback noted on this. Will check why Gold showed up, usually it depends on combination highest Open Interest + Trade volumes for search.

Thanks for highlighting this.

@PravinJ Search could favour a bit similar to the actual keyboard input instead of user generated data. Sometimes simple is elegant.

I feel somebody at Dhan should actively use the Dhan platform (like a super trader) to iron out these bugs. As said by someone, the greatest companies are their own customers first.


@PravinJ still this issue is there. you should fix this elastic search issue. It should not take this much time. Considering Dhan do things relatively faster.

You really need to work on your search results.

See there is no correlation at all instead of 59000 its giving 69000?
Instead of looking for ban its showing gold !!

Please work on this.
Its not a feature just a bug that could be fixed easily. Hope you don’t need multiple months just to fix this small issue.

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Any update on this issue?

I also searched something similar but didn’t find it happening. Are you sure you are not searching in commodities for options?

The whole screenshot with the selected tab will clarify.

Hi @amitranj

Based on our discussion on the call, we have noted your feedback regarding the search results. We will look into how we can accommodate it in our plans.

Additionally, the latest issue you highlighted has been resolved. If the issue persists, feel free to let us know.

Mahima Shah
Product @ Dhan