Security Breach of Demat Accounts

There have been a few complaints regarding the broker Fyers that someone changed the phone numbers and emails of demat accounts of some of their clients. Till now the issues have not been resolved. Is it that easy to bypass 2FA and literally change phone numbers and mail IDs associated with demat accounts? Is something like this possible in Dhan? This is the ultimate security breach. @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Hi @turing0102

This breach at a broker is news to me. Haven’t heard of this.

This is extremely difficult to happen on Dhan, almost impossible. At Dhan, it is not easy for anyone to change the email and mobile number of clients without explicit consent, authorisation and sign-off of the client - and that happens post verification process of all documents. And we have 2 to 3 levels of maker-checker arrangements depending on the processes, and in many cases followed by an explicit esign by user.

Yeah that’s what I thought, but its is really weird that this stuff happened. Here are some screenshots: