Segregation of long term investment portfolio and short term trading portfolio

Many people invest and trade simultaneously. It is optimal to keep both the portfolios separately so as to not let emotional bias effect the investments. The current workaround is to maintain these portfolios with different brokers. However if an option to maintain both profiles under a single account is offered, that would be a great value add.


Welcome to the Dhan community! Thanks for your suggestion, we have made a note of this. :grinning:

I have lots penny stocks in my holdings. i like to keep it separate from other stocks .
Currently stocks and ETFs are separately, Like same Short term and Long term stocks separately.

Please provide one/two custom section to move our selected stocks from main holdings.
EX : Investment → Stock → List 1 , List 2,…etc .

Hi @Sreerajpv, you may find this useful: Now mark your Long-Term Portfolio separately on Dhan