Serious issue Heikin-Ashi Candle Issue for 15 mins,5 Mins, 1 Hr interval on trading view

Scenario : Open BankNIfty future in 15 mins interval, Candle Type = Heikin-Ashi on trading view

From the time you refresh the page and keep observing, for every 1 min one candle is drawn. i.e. It starts behaving like 1min candle, thus defeating the very purpose of drawing 1 candle every 15 mins

This has started happening from last friday (26-Aug-2022). I have brought this to notice of customer support and they say its bug from trading view. Something has changed from 26-Aug-2022 making wierd behaviour of Heikin-Ashi. But the normal candle type works perfectly . The issue is only with Heikin-Ashi candle type on trading view for 15 mins,5 Mins, 1 Hour interval. Please test for other time frame before releasing

At the time of putting this issue in community, the issue is still not fixed

Please fix this basic ,serious issue as it appears serious flaws in regression testing when you releasing new build . Can we rely on Dhan trading view charts for trading ?

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Hi @ngbhat

Good to see you on Dhan community after a while. Yes, we are aware of this one and as mentioned by our customer support team - we have already raised this with TradingView team. We will update once we have a resolution from them.

Even normal candles are different compared to trading view. For reliable trades, the data issue should be fixed asap. Although I like dhan features, and app looks very rich. But for reliable trading, the chart data should be correct to remove any uncertainty.

Any timeline for the fix? It’s been weeks…facing problem with trades.

Our teams are following up on this. We will keep you posted, I know this is important.


Hi @ngbhat @gudiya @Karthik : The same has been updated. Request you all to please check and confirm.

For now, its updated on TradingView console (, and will be updated on Mobile Apps and Dhan web as well in 2-3 days.

Note: Please do a hard refresh on the browser to update the latest library.

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Yes! Its working fine now! Thank you !


Kudos for the support and timely fix… Thank you for the update… Means a lot coming directly from Founder & CEO !!!