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Hello everyone :wave:

We are thrilled to see our community of Indian traders and investors flourishing over the past two years. The interactions and virtual relationships that have developed within our community have been truly valuable. Our primary goal is to provide a platform where we can discuss various aspects of the market, trading strategies, investing philosophies, and more.

In order to foster a stronger sense of connection and to better understand each other’s backgrounds and experiences, we have decided to introduce a mandate for self-introductions within our community.:handshake:

We believe this will enable us to forge even deeper connections and enhance the overall community experience.:star2:

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our community members. You can start by sharing the following details:

  • Name :raising_hand_man:
  • Where are you based out of (Optional) :house:
  • Are you a trader or an investor :chart:
  • Your preferred trading style/ Investing Philosophy :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • How long have you been in the markets? :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • Fun Fact about yourself :smile:

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Let me start this with self…

Name: Pravin
Based out: Mumbai, most of the times in Dhan HQ :slight_smile:
Investor or Trader: Investor, buy and forget types. Running Dhan and trading won’t go hand-in-hand… so skipped trading. Most trades are done for testing features and product roll-outs :sweat_smile:
Investing Philosophy: Buy and forget, guessing this works… have ~10 multibaggers :wink:
Fun-Fact: Insanely good things are planned for traders and investors of Dhan. Keep watching :slight_smile:


Name: Naveen Selvaraj

Based out: Chennai

Investor or Trader: Investor. Never done single trade.

Investing Philosophy: Buy and average. Long term investor.

Fun-Fact: joined share market by 2019 and missed opportunity 2020 crash without knowing anything but started to investment aggressively 2022 onwards :rofl::rofl:.

Note : decided to use dhan :blush: for my long term wealth creation for excellent customer support and acknowledging and adopting user features. @RahulDeshpande


Hi everyone,

My name is Naman Sharma, and I’m currently based in Mumbai.

I first heard the words “stock market” or “shares” when I was 14 years old, during the 2008 subprime crisis. Since then, I’ve been tracking the Nifty/Sensex price almost every day, first through the newspaper and now with mobile apps.

The first thing I traded was cardamom futures, and it was a big failure. Later, I started trading equities. But all of this was with very small capital, as I wasn’t earning my own income. I lost almost all of my capital, which was the learning cost or tuition fees I paid to the markets.

After college, I started working with Futures First, one of the largest proprietary trading firms in the world. There, I got access to international markets and traded on ICE and CME.

Now, I’m with Dhan, building products for traders. And product management is no less than trading. Analyzing data, understanding user patterns, and taking the next bet for a product are all equally thrilling and exciting.


I am Ninad Lohar, by profession i am web developer with 4+ years of experience and recently i got into trading with help of my wife. I would really like to be part of dhan community/team and help them deliver better experience to customers with my knowledge.


Name: Raj

Based out: Tamilnadu.

Investor or Trader: MF investor, recently stock Investor based on recommendation from SEBI registered advisors.

Investing Philosophy: Buy and average. Long term investor.

Dhan has been very helpful in buying stock and waiting for Mutual funds to arrive, using Dhan from its very early stage, quite happy with features and support. I never needed a stockbroker account has I had another, but Dhan has become my daily driver today and never needed another Mutual fund account as I was using MF utilities and direct AMC site so far


Am an electronics engineer by qualification and vocation. I build industrial grade electronic products for an MNC. Trading and personal venture T7 is me moonlighting. I hope to do full time trading sometime in to the future.

Name : Syam Mohan

Based Out Of : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Investor or Trader : Trader. In trading we can make money in any kind of market. With investment what we buy have to go up to make money. So my investments have been limited to ELSS for tax saving purposes till last FY (not anymore with the advent of the more attractive new tax regime) or beaten down stocks in sub prime crisis or NCLT companies.

Style - Trend following trader with naked option buying strategies in systematic and automated mode. Lately started option selling part of which is systematic via auto route and rest of it is discretionary. Only a bear market investor if I really push myself.

In market - The raging bull market of 2007 propelled me in to the market. First year was trying out and figuring out. Then I discovered Amibroker and Richard Dennis turtle trading experiment. Since then a fan of systematic automated trading.

Fun fact - The CEO of the MNC where I work told us long time back “Be Entrepreneurial”. Nobody listened to him better than I did :sweat_smile:


Hi there,
Thanks for the message @RahulDeshpande

I’m Vettri Vignesh and I’m a doctor by profession.

I’m based out of Chennai.

Investor, at least for the last 2 years.

Not exactly the buy and forget types. I like following methods like CANSLIM.

Financial & Market awareness increased post the first COVID crash.

Signed up in Dhan within the first few days of launch and have seen the improvements that have happened since then. Waiting for mutual funds and Bonds yet. Good going Dhan. Cheers :+1:.


@t7support Never thought you would reveal you identity :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: my identity is actually public information being the director of a pvt ltd company.

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Hello :wave:

My introduction to stock markets was very early on in my life given that I come from a Gujrati family who lives and breathes markets. When other kids used to watch Cartoon Network before going to school I had to watch CNBC. :laughing:

My journey in the market began with DMART IPO which I got lucky with (no, I don’t have it in my portfolio anymore :sleepy:). Soon after, I worked on stock market price prediction using sentiment analysis as my capstone project which further piqued my interest in the markets.

I mostly invest via ETFs and Mutual Funds. Also learning F&O trading to make Dhan better for super traders. :100:

Fun fact: My mom used to work with a broker called Amarchand Zaveri in 1990s, life comes to a full circle now as I work for Dhan. :heart:

:round_pushpin: Bombay, where it all began


Name: Shrimohan Maheshwari

Location: Mumbai

Investor or Trader: Two sides - Bull as an Investor while Bear as a Trader.

Your preferred trading style/Investing Philosophy: Mainly Cash Secured Put (using credit line) and Covered call.

How long have you been in the markets: Since 2008 post the sub prime crisis. Had been into Prop. Trading Desk since 2014 before joining Dhan. Until SEBI removed intraday trading leverage and POA, had witnessed infinite rate of return and seen brokers like Karvy and Anugrah going bankrupt. Learned one thing, greed is a traders biggest enemy.

Fun Fact about yourself: HNI people don’t understand what stocks are :sweat_smile:. My mentor used to say, if you know the bond market, you will never be able to return to the stock market.


Hey everyone!

Name: Anirudha Basak :wave:
Based out of Mumbai, very close to @Dhan office!
Investor or trader: I always thought I’m an investor, but I can’t wait to sell my stocks as soon as I see green :money_mouth_face:
Preferred style: Equity Intraday!
Been in the markets since 2019!
Fun fact: I look into onboarding at Dhan, however my own demat & trading account was opened during a time when you had to sign 50 pages! This was just a few years ago. So quickly times have changed! :rocket:

Excited for all that’s coming and more! :star_struck:

  • Name: Ravi Krishna

  • Based out of: Hyderabad

  • Trader or an investor: Long-term investor (since May 2021), part-time swing trader (2012-2015 and since March 2020 again) and options trading beginner (since April 2022)

  • Preferred trading style/ Investing Philosophy:

    • Swing trading style: I like keeping things simple, every weekend I quickly scan Nifty 50 chart to check if price is above 200D MA and showing the signs of bullish trend. Then, I scan Nifty Auto, Bank, Financials, FMCG, IT and Pharma index charts to see which sector is above 200D MA and showing signs of bullish trend. Will then pick one/two indices and then scan for the stocks having an average daily volume greater than 5L, bullish candle stick formations, a swing of at least 10% price movement. Then I draw Fibonacci Retracement and Volume Profile Fixed Range indicators to identify swing trading opportunities, entry point, exit point, and calculate risk reward ratio and position size using the Long Position drawing tool available in If the risk reward ratio is satisfactory, then I will add the stock to my watchlist and place GTT order to enter and exit the trade. I don’t risk more than 1% of my total capital allocated for trading only purpose. The Long Position drawing tool available in tv makes my job easy in calculating the position size considering my 1% risk strategy.

    • Options trading style: While doing analysis for swing trading opportunities, I often see good opportunities of options trading too. Based on the same analysis I take options positions but not very frequently.

    • Investing philosophy: Buy at fair price (considering earnings growth rate), invest in SIP mode and hold as long as the sector and company have growth potential, good management, fundamentally strong and growth in earnings. I have a core portfolio of 10 stocks in which I am investing every month since May 2021. I have designed my core portfolio over a period of time after understanding the business in detail. My core portfolio has 60% large cap, 20% mid cap and 8% small cap exposure. I also have another portfolio in a separate account, which I call booming portfolio has 3 small cap stocks each having 4% allocation. I have strong belief that these companies would turn multi-baggers in future. My long-term stock selection is completely based on fundamentals, earnings growth and fair valuations compared to their earnings growth rate. I also do SIP in mutual funds every month and I feel proud that my core portfolio has been consistently performing better than the mutual funds since I started in May 2021. My mutual fund return as on today is 10%, where as my core portfolio returns stood at 26% :sunglasses:

  • In the markets? Although started trading in 2012, active in the markets from 3 years

  • Fun Fact:

    1. Since 2012, I have opened trading accounts with 8 stockbrokers till date just to check their product offerings :smiley: The only trading accounts I am much satisfied and continuing are Dhan and Zerodha

    2. In my total trading/investing journey so far, my profits to loss ratio is 5:1. Thanks to swing trading for offsetting my losses in options trading.

    3. Being data scientist by profession, have an edge in quickly analyzing the data and drawing insights.

I am not active in the Dhan community group since Jan 2023 and not actively taking any swing or options trading positions due to career related priorities. However, I still see few people liking and responding to my solution that I provided in some threads related to automation and Python codes in Dhan community, it gives me immense pleasure. :slight_smile: I will surely make a comeback and be active once I settle down in my new company and project.

Thank you and good luck everyone!!


Name: Vinay

Based Out Of: Bangalore. But currently located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela

Investor or Trader: Trader

Style: 40% Algo, 60% Manual - Nifty & Bank Nifty Weekly Options

In the market - From Nov 2017, Started with EQ then moved to Options by Mid-2021. Gradually found my edge & patterns on Nifty & Bank Nifty options. I eventually started developing a fully automated system for my trading.

Fun Fact: My algo still trying to beat the manual’s performance :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not active in the Dhan community since Mar 2023 due to other work priorities. I will try to contribute more to the Dhan community from now on :rocket:



Hey there, folks! :wave:

I’m Kiran Upadhyay, based out of Mumbai.

Now, let me spill the beans on my investing adventures. I consider myself more of an investor than a trader. I just can’t resist the thrill of buying stocks and building up my investment portfolio.

Here’s my secret investing mantra: Value Investing, but before buying I do a lot of research. It’s a simple philosophy that has worked wonders for me!

But hey, that’s not all I’ve been up to. I’m currently knee-deep in a project that has kept me super excited. I’m building a Mutual Fund experience for you all guys, We know you all are eagerly waiting for it. Merging my love for investing with the chance to serve others on their financial journeys.

I’m stoked to be part of this incredible trading community, where we can kick back, share insights, swap ideas, and learn from each other. Together, we’ll navigate the exciting world of trading & investing, supporting one another every step of the way.

Wishing you all a fantastic journey filled with profitable trades and investments!

Cheers :clinking_glasses:,


Hey Guys,

I’m Amit from Bangalore. :wave:

I do trading and investing both. I use multiple accounts, multiple brokers for different trading style. I love reading and exploring new ideas.

My trading philosophy is, The biggest risk is not taking any risk.

With the kind of tools and technologies today we’ve around, ML based analytics can enhance the ROI significantly if one can use it in conjunction with TA and FA. I’ve developed one such proprietary product and will be doing forward testing by taking actual trades on Dhan!

After seeing :boom: in paper trades, hoping to see similar rockets :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: in the portfolio! :sweat_smile:


"Hello, everyone! My name is Divyesh Chauhan,

Location:- Mumbai

Investor or Trader:- Investor

Your preferred trading style/ Investing Philosophy:- Buy karte jao aur Average price karte jao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How long have you been in the markets?:- I first started investing in small caps in 2018 after hearing about the market, therefore I am excited to learn and contribute my knowledge, and problem-solving, to delivering excellent customer experiences to this community :rocket:.

Together, let’s work together, share knowledge, and have a beneficial influence. I’m grateful.

Fun Fact about yourself:- Ek pyara Gujarati: :yum:, jo aaj bhi lunch break mei Tarak metha dekhta hai and Sunday Jalebi fafda fix.


Hello everyone,

Name :raising_hand_man: : Sameet Shaikh

Based out : Mumbai :house:

A Trader :chart_with_downwards_trend: & Investor both :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Your preferred trading style/ Investing Philosophy :books: : As a trader, I primarily follow index charts and conduct my own price action analysis in multiple time frames. I believe we can rely on price action since it always works, with the possible exception of certain rare impacts due to positive/negative news or events.

For investing :money_with_wings:, I use multiple strategies which are typically used before investing, such as a financial view and technical analysis according to my chart readings. The famous line of Warren Buffet :saluting_face: “Buy into a company because you want to own it, not because you want the stock to go up” is my favorite which I believe should be followed by each investor.

How long have you been in the markets? :hourglass_flowing_sand: : I started my first job at a brokerage firm in Nov, 2019. I learned a lot about chart analysis but continue to explore and understand the depth of the markets everyday. :slight_smile:

Fun Fact about yourself :smile: - I joined the markets before the 2020 market crash, but I was unaware of F&O trading, even in equity. As a result, I have been patiently awaiting for an intense correction or an unexpected crash in the future (sorry, full-time investors :smiling_face_with_tear:).