Simplifying Trading with Dhan: Introducing Automatic Order Tagging

We believe that it is small changes to a product that brings more value on an ongoing basis to its users. Last week we released a feature where you can track underlying F&O Stocks in the Markets section of Dhan Web. This was part of our small yet significant releases aimed towards traders as well as investors.

A lot of things go behind making a decision while Trading and Investing, and you need to track trades that were profitable and the ones where you incurred losses. It is this learning behavior that makes a difference for good traders.

Today, we are excited to announce our latest update, Automatic Order Tagging, which helps you to track and keep a note of your trades in a better way.

How does it work ?

Suppose, If you have a SIP order placed on a stock or ETF, the SIP tag will be displayed in front of the scrip in the orderbook.

Following are the Tags that are going to be available:

  1. SIP - A SIP placed on a certain Stock or ETF gets executed, SIP tag will be displayed in front of the scrip. Read about SIP in Stocks here.

  2. Basket - For every Stock, ETFs or F&O placed through basket orders, will have the Basket tag displayed.

  3. TradingView on Dhan - It is being widely used by our traders, where traders can directly place orders through TradingView charts. A TV Tag will be displayed for all your orders placed through

  4. Forever - Forever orders are a respite for those who wait patiently for a stock and ETFs to reach a certain price point. You don’t have to think about missing your executed stock, as Forever Tag will be displayed.

  5. API - If you place an order with any of Dhan’s partner companies, an API tag will be displayed in front of your scrip in the order book.

Please note that orders placed normally, without any specific form will appear the way they do right now, which is without tags.

Brief on APIs - Yes, we have mentioned this before and now again. Dhan APIs are about to go live soon, that are fast, reliable and easy to integrate. PS: One of our partners finished integration within 5 days! Interested? Write to us on

Keeping a journal of your trades should be of utmost importance to the traders as it helps in evaluating the trading decisions and also helps in equipping yourself with the idea to improve on. Order Tagging is our first of the efforts in this regard, and we will be coming up with more updates which will enhance your trading experience on Dhan.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on our latest release.

Growth @ Dhan

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What about custom tagging? I have multiple strategies and want to tag trades manually as per strategies and later analyze P&L for each Strategy separately. Is it in the future road map?

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we have noted your feedback, and think this is an important one. Will add this to our product roadmap and keep you posted when we ship this.

Regarding API, I have account with Interactive Broker and they provide FREE API with Market Data , meaning I get market data along with trade execution .

So basically I use their API to connect to Amibroker and Ninja Trader 8 and enjoy trading from those platform and use benefit of those platform good backtesting features.
Like I said its giving market data as well in API for free., so i don’t need to buy data from third party like Global Data/ True data thus I save 2000-3000rs per month

I was hoping if you can plan your API with Market Data capabilities for Amibroker & Ninja Trader 8 etc. It will be a game changed.

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Hi Kiran,

Requesting this too, kindly check if its feasible.

Feature where in when hovered on the Futures stock-> mention a small note like a heads up if the result is upcoming soon or has just been released in a specific time period like 1 week

Hi Pavan,

Hope you are doing good!

Sure, I have noted your feedback, I will add this to our product roadmap and keep you posted when we ship this.

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Hi @Satyam ,

We are happy to announce that we have launched DhanHQ: Superfast Trading & Investing APIs. We are sure that you will be loving our Superfast API experience. And for Dhan’s users it’s totally FREE!

Learn more about DhanHQ Superfast Trading & Investing API here.

@PravinJ any update on this feature ??

Is it possible to provide a tagging feature in portfolios or holdings as well? It will help to segregate the holdings into strategy or long vs trading calls

I like this idea. I am also struggling with the same. I want the code to touch my automated orders only. Not to mention, the tag also is unavailable when I am querying for orders, even though I am tagging my orders