Squareoff Bots Bug

Hey Guys,

Today i faced an issue with the squareoff bot. My strategy was not completely executed by the Dhan app and birtue of which i incurred a loss

I checked with the squareoff team and they said they received a duplicate correlation Id error , while placing the PE order, since this is the first order for the symbol (and correlation id) for the day

As a user I don’t expect such kind of errors

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Hi Anirudh @onsomani

Correlation Id is something to use when API consumer do not have orderID and wants to track back the order status. We are in touch with squareoff to fix this issue.

Whats the recourse for a trader. Should one stop the not and Squareoff all the positions because I personally use bots so that I just open the twice once when it starts firing and then again when it stops

Today again the same thing happened. The Squareoff bot made profits with their straddle bot but I made losses at Dhan

What is the recourse for such a thing because this is real money and I am not sure what’s the issue. I’d really like someone from the team if they can help me understand

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@Dhan @PravinJ


Would love to know the insight what went wrong, so that when I automate can avoid such mistakes if possible. Can’t think of automation until then.

@Dhan I am probably sure the issue is with Dhan because the stop loss was never hit on my put whereas bots of squareoff made profit with different brokers.

I am not sure what happens to my loss because this is real money and has happened for the time second time on Dhan.

Hi @onsomani

Reviewing this, the correct way to check against this all is always knowing the entry and exit prices of the screenshot v/s yours. Any API service provider integrated with Dhan has same access to APIs as we have.

Do email us your registered mobile number on feedback@dhan.co and I will have the order execution reviewed for the transactions you have mentioned.

Also @onsomani ,

Our team is in touch with Squarebots to track this issue, and we are rechecking entire order execution flow to make sure things are in place correctly.

Please be assured, we are working on this at highest priority.

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Additionally, we have resolved the duplicate correlation ID error which you had faced earlier.


So Rahul if I am not wrong, the bot always has a stop loss of 25%, here the stop loss was never trigerred because of either the trigger price was not mentioned or because of any other issue that I am not aware of.

The point is how will my losses be recouped because of the mistake of either Dhan or Squareoff

Hi @onsomani

We reviewed the entire integration with SquareOff bots, and also discussed with their team. Have given them the feedback to fetch all positions in real-time. That should ensure you have the latest positions including P&L in real-time and updates on order status.

Hey Pravin, I am sure you guys have reviewed the entire integration but this happened for the second time. since you guys are a customer focused broker unlike other discount brokers

What about the losses that I have incurred because of no mistake of mine whatsoever. I know you guys have your own disclaimers but for an average trader who is using the bot with the philosophy of fill it, shut it and forget it is it fair to incur such losses with no recourse whatsoever

Hi @onsomani

We are always upfront and transparent in our communication, and we intend to keep the same always. No broking platform guarantees execution, neither do the exchanges. However in case someone claims losses - it’s practically impossible for anyone to fill up for them. This is same across the all industries, and for stock broking industry including some of the large brokers who have seen outages multiple times through the year, some as recently as last week.

All technology platforms, not just ones about broking - but in general all of them have limitations, failures, outages and so likes that can happen from time to time. From our side, we try to ensure that we are providing a reliable service at all times. Hope this helps.

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@PravinJ Sure and thanks for the prompt response. Cheers!

@PravinJ @Dhan,

How about a business model where the broker takes a nominal monthly/yearly fee (like health insurance premium) and provides safety for client ledger for specific unfortunate incidents like loses incurred due to broker’s software/hardware issue or any other dependency.

May be you can think deeper and come up with a win-win model for everyone, And can raise the bar of the industry in a real sense!

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We are regulated business, we can’t offer or make products that aren’t defined or are outside scope of ones defined in regulations.

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Today as well, my orders were not fired off because of issue with the Dhan as mentioned by Squareoff. Now I have faced issued for 3 trading days out of ~20 since i have been using the squareoff bot api linked to Dhan.

I am not sure if we should become habitual to this sort of errors from Dhan’s end. I am not only losing out on my money paid to squareoff bots but also incurring losses/losing out on gains because of these errors from Dhans end

@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ

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SquareoffBots is giving @Dhan users 3months free trial period. Shouldn’t the @Dhan itself take 3months (or at least 1K trades) live trades with SquareoffBots defined strategies and verify the real-time integration?


Where are they giving 3 months trail for Dhan users. I got 7 days trial and since then I have faced issue thrice with the API.

They have been to execute order across all brokers except and this has now become a recurring issue. I don’t know where is the customer service bit that dhan promises

++ @KirubakaranRajendran