Strange behaviour in while using different template

I use different templates on A strange behaviour happens when we change a template on certain layout.

Log setting turns off automatically everytime which is very annoying.

Hi @Shally,

We are getting this checked with our team and will keep you posted.

Hi @Shally,

As per our conversation on call, this is the normal behaviour for charts from itself.

Ma’am, but this is not happening with other brokers charts who are using tradingview library. Could you please confirm again?

Hi @Shally,

Every brokers are having different version of TradingView libraries, we recommend you to try saving the layout once after changing log settings.

Ps : We are on the latest TradingView library.

Feel free to Chat with us directly from the CS section of the App / Website or write us at for any queries/concerns.

Yes, I understand that other brokers may be having different tradingview library. But this issue was present on Dhan even in earlier versions.

I didn’t report it because I was not able to identify what was causing this behaviour.

I found out what is causing this behaviour. It is happening when the template itself is saved in a non-log charting environment.

So, effectively, this is not a bug.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused to Dhan team!

P.S.: I deleted all my saved layouts just to find out that template saving environment is what is causing this behaviour. So, lot of trouble for me also.