Suggestion for Alerts

Hi @RahulDeshpande @Kiran

Some suggestions w.r.t Alerts

Especially when trading Nifty , when having multiple positions , we would be more concerned on the overall BASKET performance .


  1. Can you implement a ALERT / trigger when the whole basket is in for Example: +5k or - 5k

Will be helpful for traders who do not put there SL ( like me :grinning:)

  1. Also ICEBERG not available while exiting multiple positions ( Already requested this)

Hi @pavz

We are rewriting the entire logic of alerts. Some users have shared that feedback on the behaviour of alerts not meeting their expectations. We will re-do the product and then pick up new suggestions.

Btw, on exchange systems and also on our systems, its impossible to track orders via baskets or anything, and order is an order - it will be either open or close… and we or the exchanges really wouldnt know its part of which strategy or basket or individual order. Also we dont like to say never, so will evaluate this later - but first will bring consistent experience to Price Alert as a feature.

On Iceberg, we already implement this. Guessing you missed: Updated: Iceberg Orders now get even Better Experience on Dhan


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