Top 10 states with highest EV share

Marking a notable shift towards a cleaner and greener future powered by electric vehicles, the top 10 states exemplify India’s transition towards sustainable transportation.

Uttar Pradesh leads the charge with 788,171 units, followed by Maharashtra with 449,540 units. Karnataka, Delhi, and Rajasthan also showcase significant EV presence, with numbers ranging from 356,763 to 247,817. Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Gujarat, Assam, and Kerala contribute substantially to the green mobility landscape, with each state boasting EV counts ranging from 231,537 to 151,206.

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I don’t own any ev yet but in future if situation becomes friendly towards EVs then id 100% go for an ev as they are cleaner for our environment and make least noise :innocent::clinking_glasses:


With EVs everything looks good on the paper. Here’s the report of my channel checks and field analysis.

Most bigger companies are putting in their CapEx, a larger chunk, into hybrids and hydrogen. Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, they all have hinted at the development of 2-3 simultaneous cars, just like the mobile industry now.

For higher end, they will focus on Petrol and Hybrids. Hydrogen is still an ongoing research. EVs will be the lower end models.

Now coming to EV ground checks: An EV car costs around ₹7.5 lakhs (minimum) and a battery given our weather conditions and usage will last upto 6 years on a moderate usage. How much does a battery replacement cost now? Upwards of ₹3.5 lakhs a pack plus you pay the hefty electric bills.

Petrol is here to stay and will only get disrupted by hybrids or newer fuels. A complete EV future is still 50 years away.


I am an EV owner

  1. Just for a pure driving experience ICE cannot beat EV. EV is smooth, silent and zippy.
  2. Even if we factor in current battery replacement cost EVs are cheaper than ICE (over the lifetime - initial cost + running cost). Battery cost is only going to come down with scale and local manufacturing.
  3. New battery and charging tech is increasingly made available by industry to facilitate longer range and faster charging.
  4. EVs are greener alternative to ICE from factory to road. It can provide for cleaner city air. With the solar push in India, it can also be solar powered.

When mobile phones first came in the battery charge lasted for many days but the phone itself had less features. With smartphones battery charge typically last less than a day although the phone is now feature-rich. But we got used to it. EVs just need a “getting used to”. I am sceptical about competing tech - cost, maintenance hassle, eco system viability, green quotient etc.

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I opted for Strong Hybrids, personally feel they are great cars from performance and mileage perspective… about 2X+ better. They practically run 50% in EV modes.

Unfortunately these cars gets priced on the higher side, and don’t get any govt subsidiaries as they are not full EVs. Wish this changes and awareness of strong hybrids also goes up along with EVs.


My research is strong. The case of Pravin proves it. Hybrids will gain strong market share, and therefore EV disruption is still quite a while away.

India is also a price-sensitive country, the way EVs are priced right now, it will a tough-sell for mass adoption.

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