Trade load incapable


I am sure you would know scalpers trade a lot and i am a scalper. Today i think i hit the mark of 4xx trades.

Here i my feedback. It went all fine up to 150 to 200 trades.

Post 200 trades, open position on app got freezed and took time to calculate net profits. Then at 225 trades orders tab not getting refreshed. I literally got irritation and switched to web.

Post 250 trades orders were getting placed after 14 seconds i hit the button. P n l was showing incorrect for 12 seconds and gets adjusted after 15 seconds.

Post 300 trades . orders gets placed after 15 seconds and no execution sign shown on chart. Pnl not calcuting at all.

I do hard refresh of browser most frequently say about every 15 min… Another issue is after saving the default dhan layout with banknifty . when you do reload the browser it goes back to bharath petroleum.


Hi Shylaja

Looking at this right away w/t @Naman. Asking @Dhan_Help to schedule time with you to take a look at this with out engineering team. This should’t happen, but nevertheless we will debug.