Trade Positions, P&L, Charges, Transaction Estimator


Positions taken on the same instrument, averages up, could they be listed separately, so that we will be able to review our each trade separately.

Also, I can not find the corresponding charges for each position/trade taken. I can only see P&L amount without charges. This also makes me confused on how the Home & Margin summary parameters are calculated.
Please can you clarify and explain briefly on this.

I see that there is a new feature called brokerage transaction estimator, but I dont find this on Playstore or in the Dhan app. Please let me know where I can find and use it.

Please help me with the above 3 queries. Thank You

Hi @Krishna
1- Averaging up of position cost price is something industry standard. But you can find individual trades and their cost price in ‘Manage Position in Detail’, by clicking that position. Similarly for stocks & ETF in holdings
2- Charges on individual trade is available in Contract Note available in My Profile < Statements & Reports< Contract - You can email that contract note to yourself by simple click.
3- Transaction estimator comes before you place order in Order Placement window.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Naman
→ It shows no history under Contract Note, even though I have traded. Please see why is this not showing on the web/mobile app.
But I have got an email with the document yesterday, the Net Total (Before Levies) amount is different and more from what P&L is showing on my app. Can you please explain why are these amount different and also I do not see charges applicable to each trade I had taken. All trade values are summed up and then charges are applied. Where can I see the same.

→ Also can you explain why Margin Used parameter still have some money assigned to it, even though I have no trades active with Margin? Also please explain other parameters under Margin summary such as Utilization%, Money available for investing and withdrawal, others. Why is withdrawal amount is less than the amount available for investing, please explain?

Thank You