Trading in US Stocks

Any plans to start offering trading in US stocks? That’s the only major thing missing in the broking industry. There are some existing offerings but they have exorbitant fund addition or withdrawal charges thereby not making it a scalable product. @PravinJ

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There are few things interesting happening here, with respect to trading in US stocks. Most common way of investing at this moment in US stocks is through integrations with partners. There is loss investors make because to forex changes + fees that are embedded into it. Indian Stock Exchanges (NSE & BSE) are working on facilitating these via GIFT City. Once that happens, we will provision this via them.


Any further updates on this?

I think Indians should just use ETFs for investing in US stocks from India. Direct investment is not worth the effort at all.

Hi @hersh

Missed responding to this, we are in process of setting up Raise IFSC in GIFT City to enable international investing.

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That’s actually a fair idea and a lot of guys don’t realise that they are incurring phenomenal costs when the invest in US stocks even though they market it as “zero fees”

“In investing, you get what what you don’t pay for, costs matter”