Trading Mistakes to Avoid โŒ

The basics of trading (applies especially when you are new ) is to - Only risk what you can lose without any regrets. Trading too big is based on fear and greed, the two biggest enemies of traders. On the other hand, trading too small makes you sloppy and more likely to abandon trading rules and risk management. Itโ€™s important that you strike a balance between the both.

Here are the trading mistakes that you can avoid:

Overtrading even after achieving your goal
A common problem among traders is to trade even after achieving the target for the day. In the greed of earning more, many traders have gone into losses due to overconfidence or due to a fluctuation in the market.

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Not Using Stop Loss Feature:
Stop loss feature has been specifically designed for traders to minimise their losses. It gives power to traders to plan their strategy. Unnecessary and avoidable losses can be prevented by just setting your stop loss price.

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Trading without a plan or strategy:
Have clarity on what you want to achieve out of your trading. Set goals and let it dictate how you are going to trade.

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Not measuring risk reward ratio:
Traders at times underestimate the importance of their tradeโ€™s risk reward ratio. There is no magic number. For new trading enthusiasts, using a low risk reward ratio could help reduce potential downside.

Trying to make profit in every trade :
Sometimes, itโ€™s not about making profits from a trade but instead covering your losses. Many traders fall into the trap of going overboard and taking unmanageable trade risks resulting in huge losses. Itโ€™s wise to focus on covering the losses first and then concentrate on making profits out of a trade.

All of the aspects above can be controlled by discipline. Discipline will help you to remain invested during whipsawing markets and unforeseen events. A disciplined trader has a plan, a trading strategy and a trading checklist. The checklist helps remember the small things that may not come easily to mind during the heat of the moment. The right way is to do all the preparation in advance so during the market hours, itโ€™s about execution, not decisions.

Signing off with - Trading is more to do with self-behavior, and less actually with your trades. Maintain your cool, have a plan and Happy Trading!

What trading mistakes have you made ? Do let us know in the comments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


#2 and #4 is the most i have done.
Nice read, heads up for my kind of traders to be less Greedy. (Have turned decent profit to capital loss due to this)
Working on that :slightly_smiling_face:

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One learns from experience :slight_smile: