Tradingview Desktop application

Dear Team,

Can I use my dhan user id and password in the tradingview desktop application?

Nope, The web portal, i.e- is the only place where we can access Tradingview’s interface.

Why not Indian brokers integration with Tradingview like foreign fx brokers ?
Is Any regulation restrictions asking because I am early access member of dhan part of this community from beginning
One of the most popular word in this community is Tradingview

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Trading View does not offer the complete access to any partner let alone FX brokers as far as I know.
They wouldn’t give away their premium product which is their bread and butter to anyone just because they partnered with them.
They extend a part of their library with a partner for integration and that’s about it.
The features Dhan offer is better than the free plan of TradingView which can be used on the desktop app and there’s always webhooks for order execution.

I think they offer

Okay, My bad I thought you meant something else when you said can you use your dhan credentials into TV.
Anyway, what you’re looking for can be achieved via webhooks, the orders can be executed via signals from TV.
Apologies once again for my failure to perceive your message.

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There is no such thing as an apology, we just discuss

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Welcome @Jithin to Dhan community. I haven’t checked the tradingview desktop application, let me take a look at that.

At this moment, you can trade on charts via TradingView either on or use free webhooks that Dhan provides for execution directly from main TradingView website.

For quick reference, you can see comparison on what we provide on here: Dhan + TradingView - Access TradingView Charts Live for FREE