TradingView not showing today's data


The TradingView Chart via DhanDesktop is not showing chart for today market (i.e, 16th Feb 2022) of any stock. It is showing Chart upto15th Feb 2022 only.

Please find the screenshot below :-

Thanks for highlighting.

Could you please share your registered mail on , will get this checked.

Hi @dabas

Can see the full chart (screenshot below) and also on ChartIQ / TradingView and Will have this checked anyway. Can you mention what time it happened exactly?

It happened at night time around 10:30PM

Noted. This may happen as we try to make copies of data on instances and when it was served to you, it was work in progress.

I know this isn’t the best of answers to give, and we clearly have to ensure such edge cases don’t happen even if its for a moment.