Tradingview watchlist stocks to be added through xls in tradingview watchlist

Stocks to be added through ctrl+v from any xls or screener sheet in tradingview watchlist.

Hi @Yuvni123 ,
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Thanks for your suggestion. We will surely let you know once we plan on releasing it.

update please. iam unable to import xls watchlist to dhan tradingview watchlist.

Please add the ability to import the watch list as a.xls or.csv file; this option is available in TradingView’s official version.

We will surely evaluate this :smiley:

I see that a different user asked for the same functionality more than six months ago; I’m hoping it will materialize soon.

I have opted due to trading view only. You people have displayed Nifty 50 etc as built in lists in your youtube vidoes. Where are those ? I can not find it or how to add them all. Where is that functionality or is it a cheating at its best ?

Hi @Vgc,

Simply click on the Indices tab on top (next to settings), which will give you list of all Indices. Once you select a particular index, you can view the stocks listed under the same.

We have shared details on this community post: Feature Updates: TradingView on Dhan is now much better

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Solved…thanks…it helped…

Hello Mr. Rahul, Good evening, I am facing issues with custom watchlist. When I click on % the stocks in the watchlist are re-arranged in ascending/descending order. But when I click on “Symbol” the stocks are rearranged randomly. How to solve ? Thanks in advance.

Hi @PKT ,

The sorting logic are of three types:

  • Ascending ( A-Z for Name sorting and low-high for the % Change)
  • Descending ( Z-A for name sorting and high-low for the % change)
  • LIFD ( Last In First Display, I coined this term :stuck_out_tongue: for better understanding) your last added stock in the watchlist will be displayed first.

Hope this answer your questions.


Any update on evaluation?