Transferred Mutual Funds are now showing

I have transferred my Mutual Fund from another broker to Dhan using CDSL easiest. I have received a credit notification from CDSL but it’s not showing in my Dhan account. Can you help?


Hi @joeljames

This is an initial phase of our release, and right now we’re not displaying the transferred mutual funds in the portfolio. But you can still check them out on the CDSL portal.

I think this is because, dhan provides mf investment in SOA form & hence they do not incorporate it in their demat account.

Now since you have transferred mutual fund from your previous demat to dhan demat, the tech at Dhan is not recognising the same because they use mf in soa form. I am sure if you transfer to zerodha demat, then you would be able to see the mf holdings in the coin app itself bcz zerodha uses demat for mf units.

most of the brokers like groww, indmoney, etc uses mf in SOA format instead of demat.

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Hi @joeljames

We have SOA format that is why not reflecting in demat. But we are figuring out how to make it possible for users to view transferred MF

Okay. @Divyesh any ETA on this? Or if it will take some time, I may transfer it back to the original broker for the time being.

Hi @joeljames

At this moment we are unable to share any ETA, rest assured, we’ll introduce this feature soon.

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How do I withdraw the Mutual Fund? The previous broker says I have transferred it to Dhan so they can not help. But I can not find it in my Dhan account. From where can I withdraw the fund? Please help @Divyesh

Hi @joeljames.

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw Mutual Funds directly from Dhan if they were transferred from another broker. However, you can easily place withdrawal orders through the Fund house website.

@Saurav.P I have contacted the fund house already. They are helpless. Actually, this folio is not showing in the fund house account. They said it’s a demat folio, so I need to contact the DP.

Hi @joeljames ,

Alow us a time. I’ll take a closer look at what’s can been done here & will return with the next steps

Hi @joeljames Please login to MF Central and make this withdrawal. You will be able to do so via that.

@PravinJ Unfortunately there is no option in MFCentral also. The fund is listed there, but the redemption option is not available. I have tried all these methods. Now I have initiated a transfer back to the old broker on CDSL. I am waiting for the approval. Let me see how it goes.

Anyway please improve this soon. It shouldn’t be very complex like this.


Bhai download mf central from Google Play Store, sign in. View

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@narendra1 Bhai, I tried that. There is no redemption option. Maybe it’s because my transfer was failed. I transferred it back to the old Broker and then redeemed it. Will wait until Dhan implements this feature to transfer all my MFs.

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