Unable to download p&l from first trade to last trade

Hi I tried to download p&l statement but i am not able to download p&l for particular period even if i am selecting particular period its giving options to download p&l for particular day only i want p&l for all my trades from 1 jan to 21 march in just one excel

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Hi @omkar,

This seems odd. I would kindly request you to share your details to our help ID help@dhan.co

You can also send them to me at anirudha.basak@dhan.co and I’ll get it checked asap.

@Anirudha This is how it has been designed.
You can see the below note clearly mentioned below the select custom period drop down. Very painful and useless as of now-
Kindly note : Profit and Loss Statement can be downloaded for one day at a time.

Ya true, no cosildated statement yet.

i have 1532 txns cant download all , just need one overall download statement :face_with_monocle:

Guess it s coming with console?

Hi @nity,

I apologize for the error here. We are getting this checked and will fix this soon. Meanwhile, I would suggest that you request for the P&L from your Dhan app.

I don’t think console like features would be on their cards right now atleast for a year…


There is no option to download or e-mail the ledger statement on app as well web.
I just mailed P&L to my mail id, and I received a PDF. PDF is of no use. Excel is what I am looking for. Also, there should be an option to download along side e-mail. Also, the documents sent over e-mail have to be password protected.
I also mailed Tax P&L to my mail id. The only difference in the two reports is that one report is also providing charges where-as the other does not. Ideally, Tax P&L should be the only report that should be provided and should include details related to charges which is currently provided in P&L report only.

We have been patiently waiting for more than 3 months now for a better P&L report. What’s the realistic timeline for the same?


@PravinJ I was expecting a reply from you on this. Still no revert, Building innovative features for trading without having focus or priority on building features to analyze performance of the traders via right kind of P&L is just not done…

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Noted @nity, we will prioritise this and ship this faster.

@PravinJ This is an ask more than 3 months now. How many more days before we get ? Realistic dates please.

Hi @nity,

We sincerely regret that you had to wait so long.

To address your points:

  1. Ledger statement (the option to email) will be available on app and web by 15th April, 2022. Please note that for security reasons, we have decided to refrain from allowing users to download these. Additionally, since we only send statements to your registered email ID, we do not password-protect them. In fact, almost all our users wanted password-free statements so that they can easily share it with their tax consultants.

  2. We are already live with the Excel version of P&L. Do check and let us know if you have any feedback on that.

  3. On the difference between Tax Report and P&L, we have kept the format based on industry standards. Tax Report does have additional data such as stocks held for short term and long term (to help in calculating LTCG). Since we provide P&L post charges, we do not provide the charges separately in the tax report as it would not be relevant.
    For P&L, our users usually want to know how much of the charges have contributed in their total P&L.

Our aim has always been to provide the entire universe of reports for all our users, much more than what others provide. This is why we continue to build, iterate and improve on our existing stack, aspiring for transparency. We would love to get on a call with you to understand more on your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with me personally at anirudha.basak@dhan.co

Thanks for the response @Anirudha. Sharing couple of points for now -

After your above response, I mailed P&L to my mail-id and found excel alongside pdf. Confirming that this is done.

I primarily trade in Options only. My P&L is showing charges (same values in Equity, Currency, Commodity along with FnO). This has to be cleaned up. Charges should reflect only for the segment for which P&L is prepared.


Hey @Anirudha,

My PnL report is not matching with ledger balance. I’ve mailed you with the details. Kindly please look into.

Also, please allow ledger report to be mailed like PnL report.


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Hi @nity,

Currently we do not receive segment-level charges from our vendor. We will check and see if we can build this internally.

@Anirudha , Is the P&L statement downloaded and emailed, has charges?

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Hi @PSR, yes the current P&L does have charges included in it; however, you may find a few charges missing, such as stamp duty. We would incorporate them soon as well.

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@Anirudha Thank you for prompt reply.

@Anirudha How to download Tax P&L for FY 22-23?

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Hi @Anirudha This stamp duty is already charged, but not just shown am in right? :slightly_smiling_face:

So the incorporation is only in the report?

@jagukumar do send me your UCC over DM, ill get it checked.

@pavz New version of the PNL will be live by this week. It has Stamp Duty.

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