Update: Central Pivot Range (CPR) is Now Available for Monthly & Tomorrow

Hi All

In our ongoing commitment to enhance your trading experience, we’re excited to introduce a small but significant addition to our bucket of 100+ technical indicators. The Central Pivot Range (CPR) is now available for both Monthly and Tomorrow, with the following names :

  • CPR with Pivot Levels Tomorrow
  • CPR with Pivot Levels Monthly

CPR with Pivot Level Daily & CPR with Pivot Level Weekly are already present & were the first indicators that we built in-house over & above the tradingview in-built indicators. As we continue to grow, later we have introduced numerous additional in-house built indicators such as SuperTrend, Open Interest, Anchored VWAP, Boring Candle, and more

Your feedback and support have been instrumental in shaping Dhan into a platform that empowers traders with comprehensive and innovative tools. Let us know below in the thread what more technical indicators you wish to see on Dhan next. We look forward to further enriching your trading journey.

Happy Trading!


NAMAN to @Naman bhai for giving this long sought indicator.
Thanks Dhan very much.

But @Naman bhai…monthly cpr indicator is not working(not appearing on the screen).Please check.The yellow lines are of tomorrow cpr.Even after adjusting the visibility and opacity…monthly cpr is not being visible on the screen.please do somthing.

Hi @inspectorKAALE,

I have replicated this and noticed that Monthly CPR is visible, request you to scroll down the price line as the range is from 19509.65 level.

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