Update: For TradingView users on Dhan

We know traders love using TradingView, and many of you have been actively using our custom integration with TradingView now that we announced recently - on tv.dhan.co.

Today, we have launched a new feature where you can place orders automatically using triggers that are built using Webhook Alerts in the primary interface of tradingview.com. Read more on this here

We know you love this, and you also know we are making this better by the day. All your feedback is being noted by our team, here in this community, or ones that come to us via our Customer Support team or ones you share with us via email on feedback@dhan.co.

As a matter of practice and continuous improvements, we are practically shipping new updates to our Dhan + TradingView interface every day - and of course this happens after trading hours so that we don’t disturb your experience during the day. Many times, this means we are updating the core trading libraries and updating custom implementations in this process.

You shouldn’t worry about all of this, but we do. As a suggestion from our team, we request that everyday before you begin your trades on tradingview.dhan.co, please do a hard refresh on your browser (F5 on Windows and Cmd+R on Mac OS). This will ensure redundant cache if any is cleared and you are continuing to enjoy the latest update & experience from Dhan.

We are really grateful for all the feedback you keep sharing with us, so do keep sharing more. It only helps us in building Dhan just for you :slight_smile: