Verified pnl by Dhan fake or real?

Does @Dhan is providing verified pnl ? (For some exclusive clients)

@Dhan @PravinJ please verify and get sure that it should be authentic.

Hi @Amitagsk Yes, it is being selectively rolled out. Should we available to all users in coming weeks.


Yes … please make available for all users

Check my Positions on Dhan


This is the one i am talking about @PravinJ

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Is this real ? 20 thousand quantity of naked buying. Curious to know is that real

@PravinJ is this possible that 21700 pe LTP should be 19.6 instead of 19.60…

Yes, this is verified by Dhan - we will extend to all users in coming days.

@Trader_Rdx We do not look at any trader specific orders or orders or trades - or anything as such. We have large traders executing via Dhan, these quantities are usual - depends on everyone’s risk appetite. Not meant for all.

Feedback noted on 19.60 bit, will share with team.

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