Volume technical indicator bug

Volume indicator doesn’t show volumes in the tv dhan chart. Kindly fix this issue.

Hi @rohithjnayak welcome to Dhan community!

Could you please provide us the scrip details for which the volumes are not reflected so that we can investigate further.

Just to add, Volume is not displayed for Indices. As Indices aren’t stocks or contracts and cannot be traded directly. You can only trade indices using derivatives or ETFs. Hence, volume-based indicators cannot be applied directly.

Yes for indices. Tradingview shows volume for indices. But dhan TV doesn’t show up.

Hi @rohithjnayak,

TradingView shows volume summation of its individual constituents without any weightage.

We show all the prices, volume and OI as it is received from the exchange. We do not receive any volume from exchange for indices. We have your feedback, we will figure out something on similar lines.

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