Web.dhan.co: Nifty50 ticker on top left of the header doesn't refresh when not on "home" tab


The nifty 50 index ticker on the top left of the header doesn’t refresh if the user moves to any another tab like “portfolio” (Dhan Web - Lightning Fast Online Trading and Investing Platform).

Is it only for me or do you see the freeze as well?

Hi @Sunil Welcome to the community.
We checked it our and it is working completely fine. The prices at all places in our platform updates in real time.

Thanks @Naman, It must be a local issue on my computer. After a logout and login all are now updated in real time.

Hello @Naman, how to add Nifty 50 or BNF ticker on Dhan android app?
I can see that feture on zerodha, but not on Dhan.
So if I change the screen from home to Watchlist or Portfolio… the Nifty 50 ticker also goes… Its available only on home tab.
Pls help.