Weightage of individual stocks in index

I would like to confirm what is the weightage of individual stocks in index. I am getting different % from nftyindex website and dhan website.
Nifty Bank Stock List - All Nifty Bank Companies Listed on NSE | Dhan says HDFCBANK weigtage is 28.781 %
however as per this link: ind_nifty_bank.pdf (niftyindices.com), it is 29.04.

Can someone clarify which is correct ?

company weightage of banknifty

I got this weightage data, my query is that weightage number on official NSE websiet and on dhan is different. Which one is correct ?

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okk got your point

@PravinJ @shraddha please answer

@Vaibhav1007 @PavanaCapital We are fixing the weightage on Dhan. It is computed using the Total Market Capitalization whereas actually it should be Free Float Market Capitalization and hence you see the difference. Also the market cap changes daily which means the weightage also changes daily. Once we fix this, you will be able to see the weightage in real time along with Market Cap.

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ok sir