Welcome to the Dhan: We have Community Guidelines for us!

Welcome to the Dhan Community!

Dhan Community - It’s a place made for the Indian Traders and Investors to share their ideas, perspectives, thoughts and much more - and everything centric around Trading & Investing. Please go through the following community guidelines, as it will serve as a set of standards and expectations for all members of our community, ensuring that we can continue to thrive in a respectful and supportive environment.

We understand that every individual brings unique perspectives and experiences to our community, and we value this diversity. Our goal with these guidelines is to foster a safe and welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and engaging in meaningful conversations around Trading & Investing, also in helping build Dhan - together.

We are very happy on how our community is shaping up by the inputs by enthusiastic traders and investors. To create a more harmonious and insightful community, we request you to please go through the below guidelines.

Core Values:

We started the Dhan Community even before the launch of our platform - Dhan. While we are led by product & technology, we are driven by our customers - traders & investors.

India needs better Trading & Investing products - we started with this philosophy, and everything that we built at Dhan is very much inspired and influenced by the feedback, suggestions, discussions, conversations and interactions that we have had with Traders and Investors. We have met over 4000+ users in person, and ensured Dhan is built based on the insights and suggestions we have heard in these interactions we did via Dhan Meet & Greet events, Feedback, Customer Interactions and much more.

Dhan gets better everyday, and the best of Dhan is yet to come. We believe the existing trading & investing community of India will play a huge role in ensuring that capital market penetration and participation in our country increases over the next few years.

Community’s Vision:

We launched Dhan in November 2021, and we started our Meet and Greet events in May of 2022 where we had the privilege of meeting more than 4000+ traders and investors in real life, who were kind enough to provide us with their invaluable opinions, feedback and suggestions. In a few cities, we were lucky enough to meet our earliest believers and have an interaction with them, many of whom are still active in our community.

Till now, we have introduced more than 100+ new features that have made the journey of thousands of traders and investors seamless and we firmly believe there’s still a lot more needed for us to deliver the ‘best possible trading and investing experience’ for market participants in India.

At the same time - there’s a huge gap for Indian Traders and Investors to learn more about markets. Community brings a sense of hope and togetherness, be it a new entrant to the markets or an old timer, markets help us connect with each other.

Through the Dhan Community, we aspire to provide a platform that will help users discuss ideas, thoughts, perspectives and even fun banter around markets.

Our vision for the community is to become the top most preferred community in India for anything related to the Trading & Investing landscape. As much as we look up to the suggestions and feedback related to all the Dhan platforms, we would request you to please not restrict your inputs only for suggestions or feedback.

We are very transparent about the feedback, suggestions, complaints or improvements about our platforms, and we intend to keep it the same. But owing to too much spamming, we are obliged to introduce a few moderation policies in place for this community.

Community Posts:

  • Disrespectful, personal remarks on any community members, algo partners, technology partners, or guests on the community, and Dhan/Raise employees and any messages put out in bad taste will be deleted and can lead to permanent ban from the community.
  • Above rules also apply for making any disrespectful remarks against other community members.
  • If a complaint is raised in any of the official dhan support channels: Live Chat, Twitter DM/ Twitter Post, Email to help@dhan.co or on call with official Dhan customer support - 02248906273, and the same is posted on the Dhan community will be moderated/ deleted once the issue is resolved/addressed 02248906273
  • Every comment, feedback and suggestion that we get is reviewed and noted down by our team, repeating the same will not help, please refrain from the same.
  • Please avoid cross posting of the same posts, requirements or suggestions again and again.
  • No promotion. Any promotion related posts will be moderated and the user may be banned permanently.
  • Fake or temp email id will be moderated and the user accounts will be banned permanently.
  • Please tag your posts correctly with relevant categories and tags
  • Don’t put out repetitive questions, as it affects the indexing of the posts, and becomes harder for the members to check the next posts

Please note that: Dhan community is not an official customer support channel! Many of us who manage this community do not have access to your customer data, and for any specific queries or even your customer service related issues - we would encourage you to contact Dhan Customer Service channels for fast and exact resolutions.

Spam Messages:

  • a. Do not post irrelevant or unsolicited messages in the community.
  • b. Avoid posting links or messages that promote fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • c. Repeated spamming will result in a permanent ban.

Fake Profiles:

  • a. Creating fake profiles is not allowed in this community.
  • b. Misrepresenting oneself with false information is strictly prohibited.
  • c. If a fake profile is detected, it will be immediately banned.

Why Community Guidelines?

At Dhan, we love to enjoy and keep this community as un-moderated and transparent as possible. However we have in previous few months witnessed several abusive posts, posts written with intent to showcase Dhan as unstable platform, posts abusive towards members of Dhan community and also team members of Dhan, and detected patterns of negative posts be select users at times with fake identities with no customer records and similar IP addresses used in systematic way to in attempt to damage reputation of Dhan.

We see the community as an open canvas, which you can paint with your knowledge, experience & thoughts. We request you to use it to its fullest by thinking of it as a practice of creating an awesome painting.

How to start with the Dhan community?

  • Introduce yourself ; get to know other members, and let know about yourself

  • Like or comment your opinion on other members post

  • Post your feature suggestions or discussions

Best Practices to follow:

  1. If you’re a dhan user, sign in with your dhan registered email address as any communication will be easier to access
  2. If you’re not a dhan user, sign in with your gmail or any valid email address
  3. Please don’t keep your phone number as your profile name as it poses security risks.
  4. Always add tags, categories before starting any topic. We would request you to please search to check if there’s your choice of topic is already live.
  5. Have fun while sharing your views, be patient if there’s a delay in the response if the topic is oriented towards dhan’s employees ( you can easily check if someone is dhan’s employee by the in the front of the profile).

What are the topics you can initiate?

Capital Markets Conversations:

  1. This community is dedicated to discussions around capital markets.
  2. Share knowledge, experiences, and insights related to investments, stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.
  3. Respect different opinions and engage in healthy debates.
  4. Avoid making any false or misleading statements regarding investments.

Trading Strategies:

  1. Technical Analysis - Discuss the use of chart patterns, indicators, and trend lines in making trading decisions.
  2. Fundamental Analysis - Share insights on how to analyze financial statements and macroeconomic data to inform investment decisions.
  3. Options Trading - Explore the various options trading strategies and their potential risks and rewards.

Investing Methodologies:

  1. Value Investing - Share insights on how to identify undervalued stocks and realise long-term gains.
  2. Growth Investing - Discuss the pros and cons of investing in fast-growing companies with high growth potential.
  3. Dividend Investing - Share your experiences and insights on investing in dividend-paying stocks.

Insights on the Markets:

  1. Market Trends - Discuss the latest market trends and their impact on different sectors and industries.
  2. Market Outlook - Share your outlook on the stock market and the economy.
  3. Portfolio Management - Discuss strategies for managing a diverse investment portfolio, including asset allocation and risk management.
  4. Current Affairs:

a. Economic Indicators - Discuss the latest economic indicators and their impact on the markets.
b. Market News - Share news articles and analysis related to the markets and the economy.

  1. Geopolitical Events - Discuss the impact of geopolitical events on the markets and investments.

By engaging in these topics, the community members can exchange ideas, learn from each other, and deepen their understanding of the capital markets. By following these guidelines, we aim to create a welcoming and informative community for all members to participate in meaningful discussions around capital markets.

Thank you.


Thanks for taking this decision. It was possible for you a long before several months past, but anyway it’s ok. Later but Sweeter. :+1: :pray:


How will the new people survive in Stock Market at long Time?

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Nifty is just swinging violently within a 1000 point range and half of the new traders are either in depression, de-motivated or have quit.

This is just the first phase of the secular bull leg. In a bull market, the corrections are much more violent and volatile than a bear market, however the following leg of the rally is way more steeper and people (new ones) get rich overnight and they think they are the greatest in the world.

Be like a moving average, neither way too up nor way too down.

Reminder: The markets have a 100% success rate in recovering and making new highs over time. Enhance and polish your skills and don’t read too much into day to day volatility, grab a great drink in the evening and come back refreshed next day.


very helpfull for new traders

Not many realize the importance of the last line. Well said indeed!

@Santanu_Dey - It’s very important to keep in mind that there are ample opportunities available for each trading systems. If you miss one, let it go. There is always tomorrow.

The markets will outlive all of us!

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